Detention Pond


1515 East University Avenue
Lafayette LA 70501

Phone: 337-291-8518

DIRECTOR: Chad Nepveaux


The Homewood Detention Ponds Project is part of the Bayou Vermilion Flood Control Project which consists of a series of detention ponds to provide flooding resilience along and in association with Bayou Vermilion.  The primary locations of these detention ponds are off of Homewood Drive in the area of Bendel Road and Rue Fosse and along Duhon Road east of Micmac Lane and south of Ridge Road, all within Lafayette Parish. 

Full buildout of the project will consist of a minimum of two phases but potentially more phases depending on funding and permitting. General items of work involved in the project include:

  • excavation of substantial quantities of material (up to 3,000,000 cubic yards for Phase 1 and up to 6,000,000 cubic yards for all phases)
  • clearing and grubbing of the site
  • construction of flow control measures including weirs, pipes, headwalls, valves etc.

LCG’s estimated construction cost for the work associated with all phases of the Project is up to $60,000,000.  Phase 1 is currently funded with nearly $30,000,000 of construction costs expected.  Funding for the remainder of the project is currently being requested.

Current Status

Progress on the project is expected to resume in the next 2-3 weeks after being temporarily halted by the courts.  As of March 15, 2023, the sale of the property has been finalized and the Contractor and LCG’s are now once gain free to access the construction site.  LCG is currently assessing the condition of the site to determine a prioritized schedule of work.  The work is expected, initially, to address the construction of swales and other auxiliary drainage features to provide for effective drainage of the interior of the site; grading throughout the site as well as the reestablishment of all erosion control devices; and the construction of the intake and outfall structures and other ancillary work to provide full function to the ponds adjacent to the Riverwoods Subdivision.  We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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