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Pets should never be left behind during a hurricane. Once a city or parish has issued an emergency declaration, it becomes illegal to tie or tether a dog or cat in extreme weather conditions. The fine could be up to $300.

Pets should always be included in evacuation plans. A list of pet-friendly hotel chains can be found in the following link: If there’s no choice but to leave pets behind, they should be secured in an indoor room without windows. Leave bedding, toys and other items they are familiar with for comfort, as well as a five-day supply of food and water.

Leaving pets alone puts them at greater risk of escaping through areas damaged by a storm. Ensure they are wearing a collar with ID tags, place a note on your door to let rescuers know how many pets are in the house, where they’re located, provide your phone number, and your veterinarian’s name and number.


If evacuating, pack enough supplies for at least five days:

  • Food and water
  • Collar with up-do-date ID tags
  • Leash or harness
  • Pet carrier
  • Vaccination records (required at all boarding facilities)
  • Medications
  • Documentation
  • Sanitation supplies
  • Litter box and litter