Finance and Management


705 W. University Avenue
Lafayette LA 70506

P.O. Box 4017-C, Lafayette LA 70502

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 337-291-8201





Finance & Management exists to oversee and manage, according to all applicable laws and standards, the Accounting, Budgeting, Group Insurance, Purchasing, Property, and Risk Management functions within LCG. The department is comprised of an experienced team of financial and other professionals led by the Chief Financial Officer, who provide financial support and reporting services to all departments within Lafayette Consolidated Government as well as the citizens of Lafayette. The staff must at all times operate within the bounds of strict fiduciary duty with regard to taxpayer assets.  

The department produces accurate and timely information for citizens, both the City and Parish Councils, employees, and management in order to facilitate sound decisions. In addition to financial management, Finance & Management is directly responsible for financial systems design, development and implementation of financial and internal control policies, making recommendations of funding solutions, debt management, capital financing plans, cost analysis, and business plan recommendations.  The CFO and staff act as the lead in working with LCG’s independent auditing firm and others in the review and analysis of LCG transactions. The department offers assistance to the Mayor-President and Councils by interpreting and presenting information on financial data and trends. 

Contracts with Lafayette Consolidated Government

Lafayette Consolidated Government has streamlined the procurement process. You can find information on this page about how to become eligible to bid on contracts with Lafayette Consolidated Government. 

Divisional Contacts
Spencer Lormand, CPA
(337) 291-8201

Tammie Andrus, CPA, CGMA
(337) 291-8205

Budget Management
Kerney Simoneaux
(337) 291-8074

Purchasing & Property Management
Thomasina Oliver, CPPO
(337) 291-8258

Risk Management & Group Insurance
Suzanne Siner
(337) 291-8096