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What is the Feet on the Street cart tagging and education campaign?
Lafayette Consolidated Government is conducting a citywide initiative to improve the quality of recycling by providing personalized and real-time curbside recycling education and feedback. The campaign, funded in part by a grant from The Recycling Partnership, will remind residents what belongs in their single-stream recycling carts in order to save taxpayers money, reduce the number of new resources used in creating packaging products, and improve the health of our community. All residents should continue to place their recycling carts at the curb as usual, the evening before their regular service day. During the campaign, residents may experience minor delays in recycling services in order to allow time for inspectors to check recycling carts, attach a recycling quick guide sticker, and leave feedback on an Oops tag if necessary.

  Why are we doing a Feet on the Street campaign?
The Feet on the Street campaign is an effective educational process that will help us improve our curbside recycling habits. Like many municipalities across the US, Lafayette has a higher-than- acceptable recycling contamination rate that we are looking to improve so we can keep our valuable commodities in the economy – providing jobs and conserving our resources.

  How long will the Feet on the Street campaign take?
The campaign will span several months, starting with personnel placing quick guide stickers on recycling carts. Inspectors will then perform repeat recycling cart checks, remaining in the same areas for four-week intervals, giving every household plenty of time to ask questions so they can recycle correctly.

  What items belong in my recycling cart with the light blue lid?
Only empty, clean, dry flattened cardboard, paper, metal cans, plastic bottles & jugs are to be placed loose in the recycling cart with the light blue lid. Please do not bag recycling.

Recycling Cart
Lafayette Oops Tag
Oops! What to do if your recycling cart receives an Oops tag...

  • Read the Oops tag, remove the noted items and make sure that only empty, clean, dry flattened cardboard, paper, metal cans, plastic bottles & jugs are placed loose in the recycling cart –do not bag recycling.

  • If you need help figuring out what is and is not accepted refer to ACCEPTED ITEMS Quick Guide.

  • Once your cart has been corrected remove the Oops tag from your cart and wait until your next service day to put your recycling cart at the curb. Your corrected recycling cart will be serviced NEXT week.

  • If you are unable to remove the noted items, or have other concerns please call the LCG Recycling Office at 291-5637.


Why is it important to correct my recycling cart?

Contamination in individual recycling carts can ruin an entire truckload of recyclable materials. Contaminated loads require extra steps in the material recovery process, are charged more for drop-off at the recovery facility, contain materials that can break sorting machines, and can also harm workers at these facilities. Click here to learn more.

LCG’s recycling program is an important part of our community’s effort to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. Curbside recycling is part of the overall waste services package residents pay. Charges cannot be removed from billing. We encourage all citizens to recycle properly. However, if you choose to not recycle and need another garbage cart for your excess trash, call Republic Services at 337-806-2040 to order a second garbage cart for a one-time fee.