May 20, 2022, 16:10 PM by Jennifer McCommons



Lafayette, LA – Today, Lafayette Consolidated Government unveiled the Bicycle Lafayette Plan which includes 10.25 miles of proposed bikeways and trails, including the 8.8-mile Véloop connecting 17 neighborhoods from Rotary Point to Pontiac Point and a 10-foot wide, 1.65-mile trail connecting Girard Park to Moncus Park.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory said, “These multi-use paths for pedestrians and bicyclists will not only make Lafayette a healthier and safer place, but also a more attractive place to live, work, and play. They also give us a more competitive edge over other cities, so we may attract and retain new talent seeking to relocate here. Bikeway infrastructure has economic value and is good for business.”

When designing the Véloop, SO Studio considered public input and four main goals of creating a bicycle network that is safe, connected, comfortable, and equitable. “More than 20 percent of households along half of the Véloop do not have vehicles, and more than 50 percent of households along approximately two-thirds of the route live in poverty,” Principal Architect Stephen Ortego said.

The loop connects Lafayette’s urban core, including the Oil Center, Downtown, and the Sterling Grove National Historic District as well as connectivity to the Vermilion River. “The Bicycle Lafayette Plan will open up new connectivity for those who rely on bicycles for transportation and create more recreational opportunities for our residents and visitors,” Nick Hernandez, LCG Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator said.

The first phase of construction includes building the trail that will connect Girard and Moncus Parks, set to begin in early 2023. Hernandez said, “This trail will include all elements of what make a trail safe, comfortable, and enjoyable, where bicyclists can ride an asphalt path from one park to the other.”

The Bicycle Lafayette Plan will be available for public input in June.