May 18, 2022, 12:06 PM by Jennifer McCommons



Lafayette, LA – Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Environmental Quality (EQ) Division announced that the third-party panel hosted by the Acadiana Center for the Arts has reviewed and rated the storm drain art submissions received over the past two years.

The top four winners (sponsored by EQ) are:

  1. Louisiana Magic by Jewel Campbell – will be placed at the Girard Park Recreation Center
  2. Let the Good Times Flow by Mandy McGee – will be placed on East Alexander Street (near the bus stop next to Breaux’s Mart)
  3. Bass Trash Pollutant by Erin Lafleur – will be placed at SLCC/Luke Street (near the bench and crosswalk)
  4. The Rainbow Rule by Anabel Saft – will be placed at 217 Olivier Street at the Townfolk Victory Garden

A stipend of $500 from EQ will be awarded to each of the top four winners.

The winning student-teacher team (sponsored by Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association) is:

      1. Cleanup Krewe by Grace Paul – will be placed in the 700 block of Jefferson Boulevard (Veteran’s Park at Pontiac Point)

A stipend of $500 from BVPA will be awarded to the student-teacher team, in which the student will receive $250 and the teacher will receive $250.

EQ will be scheduling the required orientation/safety training/contract signing with the winners. The art installations will take place over the next several months and are expected to be completed by the fall.

The 2022 installations will be featured on LCG’s interactive storm drain map:

The purpose of Storm Drain Art program is to illustrate the need for watershed protection, reinforce that all drains lead to the Vermilion, engage stakeholders in raising awareness about water quality, symbolize local ecology, culture, and community, complement ongoing educational programs, and fulfill LCG’s obligation for MS4 permit compliance.

This project is funded in part by the EQ education fund and BVPA and made possible through the support and cooperation of Acadiana Center for the Arts and Acadiana Open Channel.

For more information, contact Regulatory Compliance Supervisor Jackie Vargas-Beitia at 337-291-8547 or email