Mar 14, 2022, 08:49 AM by Jennifer McCommons



Initiative encourages citizens to report litterbugs; litter fines increased

Lafayette, LA – To help reduce litter in Lafayette Parish, penalties are steeper and citizens can now report litterbugs through the Lafayette 311 website. Operation Neaux Throw is aimed at drivers who toss trash, cigarette butts, or any type of litter out a car window. “Litter is an eyesore, harmful to the environment, and harmful to animals,” Environmental Quality Manager Bess Foret said.

Before reporting on 311lafayette.services, citizens should gather as much information as possible when witnessing someone intentionally littering — date, time, the vehicle’s color, make, model, and license plate. Unintentional littering, such as trash flying out of a truck bed, is still considered littering.

Online reporting also allows for reporting litter spotted in the community which will be scheduled for pickup.

Parish Proud, dedicated to litter education and eliminating litter, stands by LCG in holding litterers accountable as well as increased litter fines. “The fact that a citizen of Lafayette can now easily report litterers is a huge step towards a cleaner community,” Brianne Hendricks, Executive Director of Parish Proud said. “We want to thank Lafayette Consolidated Government for recognizing the need for litter reporting and hope to see this program blossom into a huge success for Lafayette Parish.” All reported cases will be turned over to the city prosecutor and include a mandatory court appearance.

Litter Fines and Community Service

(community service must be through a court-approved litter abatement work program)

  • First violation: $200 fine and 30 hours of community service
  • Second violation: $300 fine and 60 hours of community service
  • Third violation: $400 fine, 90 hours of community service, and 30 days in the parish jail
  • Fourth violation: $500 fine, 120 hours community service, and 60 days in the parish jail
For each violation, the offender will pay special court costs of $100