One of the greatest things about Acadiana is that we're always moving forward. And we are a region of good people, busy people, working for the best for our families, friends, and community. With so much in motion, it's important to look out for one another - especially on the roads.

Right now, it's time to change the way we travel. It is time to create a better system where we walk, bike, and drive unselfishly. It is time to be an example to others. And all of us - drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians - can be leaders.

Traveling is not just something we do with our hands and our feet; itís also something we do with our minds.
So letís be mindful.
Give one another some space. Choose our movements wisely.
Letís look out for one another.
Join the Movement

Click here for a printable handout that provides guidelines for safe interaction between motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Acadiana's Safety Initiative

Let's look out for one another Acadiana

Many pedestrian and bike crashes occur when motorists are turning onto or off of a roadway. Drivers must look both ways before turning.

Lafayette bike safety

State law requires motorists to maintain at least three feet between their vehicle and cyclists. This protects cyclists from the vehicleís turbulence or a side view mirror collision. It also allows cyclists the space they need to avoid potholes or road debris.

Bike Safety

By law, cyclists must ride with traffic, even in a bicycle lane. It is also the safest way to ride; motorists entering the road from a driveway or side street are more likely to see a cyclist traveling with traffic.

Acadiana bike safety

Louisiana state law treats bicycles as vehicles. Cyclists must obey all traffic laws including stopping at red lights and stop signs, and riding with traffic. It is also the safest way to ride.

Lafayette pedestrian safety

Most collisions with pedestrians occur mid-block, between intersections. Motorists are more likely to notice pedestrians when they cross at intersections and marked crosswalks.

Acadiana pedestrian safety

Pedestrians should use sidewalks whenever they are available. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic, as far from the travel lane as possible on the shoulder or beyond the curb.