Drainage Division

Division Overview:

This Division provides maintenance and/or improvements to:

  • Approximately 1,400 miles of City-Parish roadside open ditches (500 miles along side city streets and 900 miles along side parish roads)
  • 300 miles of subsurface drains (295 miles in the incorporated areas and 5 miles in the unincorporated areas)
  • 850 miles of unimproved coulees
  • 19 miles of underground coulees
  • 20.5 miles of improved coulees (concrete lined)


This Division is also responsible for the inspection and control of contract work for herbiciding and coulee cleaning and maintains four drainage pump stations. The Operations Division takes in 3,000 - 3,500 requests for service annually.

Division Primary Operating Functions:

  • Coulee Cleaning (Concrete Lined and Earthen Channel)
  • Coulee Vegetation Management (Herbicide Program)
  • Major Channel Restorations (Excavation, Construction, & Clearing)
  • Coulee Fencing (Install, Repair and Replace)
  • Culvert Installations (Install, Reset and Replace)
  • Drainage Cave-In Repairs
  • Roadside Excavation/Maintenance (Open Ditch)


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