Film Permits

Filming in Lafayette

The City of Lafayette does not require a permit to film, however other permits may be required as indicated in the information below. Our permitting process was designed to simply notify our office of filming and put the filmmakers in touch with other permits or resources they may need. All permits are free.

To request these permits, contact

Street/Sidewalk Closure Permit

  • If the use of equipment or vehicles impedes traffic or asserts exclusive use of a public roadway, a road closure permit is required. There is no charge associated with a road closure permit. However, as determined by the Lafayette Office of Traffic and Transportation, a number of off-duty police officers coordinated through the Lafayette Police Department may be required for the duration of the closure, and proper signage must be utilized at the expense of the production.
  • To alert affected residents and businesses of a closure, productions must utilize the Street/Sidewalk Closure Petition.


Use of City-Owned Facilities

  • Production equipment and/or vehicles are used on city property.
  • The Production activity (including equipment and production/crew vehicles) asserts exclusive use of City property (including but not limited to public roads, sidewalks, land, facilities, personnel, and other resources under the jurisdiction of the Lafayette Consolidated Government).