Summer Enrichment Program

Summer Enrichment Program Summer Enricjment Program

Held at six recreation centers each year ( Comeaux, Dupuis, Girard, J. Carlton James, Robicheaux, Thomas), the Summer Enrichment Program offers, for a minimal fee, day time supervised play and activities for youths during a designated summer period. Extended hours are also available for an additional fee. Camp participants are divided by age and gender.  The ratio is 1 adult supervisor for every 20 children.  If a group has more than 20 children, an additional adult supervisor will be assigned. In addition to indoor games ( board games, ping pong, table hockey) and playground activities, special events and field trips to sites such as the library, skating, bowling, tennis, swimming, restaurants, etc. are available for a small additional fee and are limited to a first-come, first served basis.  Field Trips are not included in the registration fee.   Lunch is provided by the Lafayette Parish School System.  Children will be bused to a nearby school for lunch. However, camp participants may bring their own lunch and eat it at the camp site. Snacks are served daily. 
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