Fire Safety - Public Education



  • Practice escape drills with your family – Exit Drills In The Home (EDITH)
    • If you detect the slightest hint of fire, alert others in the house immediately.
    • Feel the door with the back of the hand before venturing into the hallway.
  • Change your smoke detector batteries annually on a birthday or a marked event. (Fire Prevention month- October- is a good time to change it every year)
  • Place a fire extinguisher in the kitchen near, but away from, the cooking stove.
  • If you come home drunk or tired and want to heat up food for yourself, don’t use the stove or oven. Drunk or tired people often fall asleep while heating their food. A stove or oven will usually not turn off automatically.



  • Today 33 people will loose their lives because of fire.
  • Smoking is a major cause of fires and burns in the United States.
  • 3 out of 5 fires involve appliances. More than half of this involves the ignition of grease or other foods.