This division consists of the Fire Chief, Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief, and a Departmental Records Clerk. This division administers not only the day to day operation of the Fire Department, but also plans, projects and prepares all areas of the department for future growth.


  • Controls and administers department budget 
  • Provides assistance to support divisions 
  • Develops and administers policies of the Fire Department and the City of Lafayette 
  • Determines proper protection for our City 
  • Administers new changes 
  • Monitors innovative developments to enhance efficiency of department 



  1. Fire Chief - Fire Chief - As the head of the Fire Department, this individual is the primary leader of the Administrative Section. His primary duties, as written by Civil Service, are to plan, direct, and supervise all operations of the Fire Department. Work involves direction of all fire protection, fire prevention, and emergency services of the City government including the development of recommendations for maximum protection of life and property within the City.
  2. Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief - This individual’s primary responsibility is providing clerical and secretarial assistance to the Fire Chief as well as assisting in the development of the department budget. This individual maintains all personnel records, budgetary control records, and any related documents directly related with the Fire Chief and Fire Administration. This individual assists with the development of equipment specifications for the department and is primarily responsible for supervising repairs, maintenance, and inventory of all department equipment and supplies. This individual also has the responsibility of gathering information for department budget.
  3. Departmental Records Clerk - This class encompasses entry level positions of the classified service, the primary responsibilities of which include processing and filing fire department records for an assigned division or section, or in the central records division of the fire department. Departmental Records Clerks receive, sort, code, prepare, and organize records, reports, correspondence, or other information for use by department personnel. Employees of this class enter, locate, and retrieve information or documents which are maintained in hard copy files, the computer database, or other electronic storage media. Departmental Records Clerks perform assigned duties under general supervision, having work assigned and reviewed by the Fire Chief, or other ranking officer of the department.